Who We Are

Decades of Practical Experience

Skilled security practitioners, who have accomplished the internationally renowned accreditation of Certified Protection Professional from the American Society for Industrial Security. We are a notable risk consulting company with vast exposure across the African & European continent. Physical Risk offers sustainable solutions for the protection of employees, assets and reduction of avoidable company losses by focusing on the client’s prime earning drivers.

Chiselled and moulded on more than 36 years of relevant experience, Physical Risk is recognized as having specialist competence in the provision of physical risk consulting services within high-risk business operating environments.

Our physical security practitioners are well versed in the diverse field of security to satisfy client requirements for highly trained professionals who have hands-on experience with both current and emerging security technologies and solutions.

Our consultants are expediently equipped to operate independently for extended periods of time. Consultants on location are comprehensively supported with advanced interactive operational tools, from which to extract a wealth of information to cater for a client’s unique requirements.

We strive to enable our clients in taking calculated risks with greater certainty and overcome demanding issues, which fall outside the scope of mainstream management resources.

Sustainable physical risk projects that span across a client’s full physical risk lifecycle, needs and requirements! Our projects include security risk assessments, personnel protection plans, integrated security systems development, loss prevention programs and fraud investigations for a broad range of clients.

Wayne Hermanson – Founder & Principal Consultant

What We Offer

We are a team of independent, accredited and experienced physical and security risk professionals that offer value-adding and sustainable security risk solutions to our clients, globally.

Why Choose Us

Our services cover the entire life cycle of physical security, which makes security projects simpler for our customers and affords suppliers and installers the capacity to focus on their area of specialization.  Our primary focus is to represent the interest of our customer with respect to:

  • A quality physical security solution that meets requirements and is scalable.
  • Achieving cost-benefit goals.
  • Ease of maintenance and acceptable true cost of ownership.

We offer unbiased, independent advice by remaining vendor neutral, which brings the advantage of vendor diversity, selecting the best product or service for the use-case, at the lowest cost to our customers.

Physical security and an intimate understanding of national defense requirements forms an integral part of our business model – Our CEO has military and physical security system background combined with business exposure of having worked across Africa, Middle East, South-east Asia, Europe, and the US.

Through our network of associations with artificial intelligence and cyber security providers, we have the capacity to bring additional value to existing physical security infrastructure – make it punch above its intended means without purchasing more hardware.  A use case could be to add business operation functionality (vehicle weight detection, real-time personnel re-identification, etc.) to an existing surveillance system, beyond its standard security function.

Our Expert Team

Wayne Hermanson

Independent, Accredited & Experienced

Security Risk Professionals