Physical protection system improvement
advice for prestigious golfing estate

Physical Risk was engaged by Steenberg Golf Club (Tokai, Cape Town) to assess and advise on physical protection system improvements intended to effectively mitigate prevailing threats commonly associated with and increasingly experienced at golfing and life-style estates across South Africa.

Physical Risk's engagement response was stuctured to address all the sub-components of a physical protection system (PPS), namely:

  • Deterrence-, detection-, and response considerations.

Over and above the PPS sub-component assessment, we thought it comprehensive to advise Steenburg Golf Club on the following considerations to ensure the ingredients, which make up an effective security portfolio, had been raised for their consideration:

1. Integration of PPS sub-components to optimise the advantage of multiple security safeguards against common physical security threats.

2. The value of a comprehensive security design specification to serve the best interest of Steenberg in terms of technical specifications, quality of craftmanship, quality of products installed, warranties and guarantees, commissioning and testing, amongst other.

3. Performance based supplier service level agreements (installer & guarding vendors) to protect Steenberg's interest and effectively transfer risk, i.e. realising a return on security program investment/expense, the majority of which is a recurring cost of business.

4. Comprehensive maintenance agreements to cover post-installation life span of security technology and other infra-structure improvements.


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