Multimedia security awareness briefing

The International Republican Institute have engaged Physical Risk to develop a security awareness induction briefing to arm their newly inducted staff with proven "STAY SAFE" knowledge when traveling to and operating within developing countries across the globe.


To engage a security professional on each occasion could prove a costly investment. 


The solution - a security awareness presentation in multimedia format with visual images, voice-over artist scripting and a professional presentation finish profesionally mixed in a media production studio.  The DVD presentation format is accompanied by a comprehensive booklet to ensure that knowledge is transferred.


The multimedia format enables IRI to load the security awareness briefing on to their secure server to be run from any or more of their more than 100 program offices around the world no matter the time of day.


Security awareness subjects covered include:

  • International Travel.
  • Airports and immigration.
  • Hotel security.
  • Getting around safely in the destination country.
  • Organising office security.
  • Residential security.
  • Dealing with threats and emergencies.


IRI appreciates the value of their most important asset - their people!


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